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How to work on to the Accessibility site

How to work on to the Accessibility site

The site is using the USWDS theme built with Jekyll.

How we work

We as a team have created a board where we can collaborate our work. Here we can track what work is in the backlog or in progress.

Email or message in slack #accessibility for access to the github repo Once added to the github repo, if you find any issues, spelling mistake, or an idea you think should be added to the site, create an issue.

Create an issue

  1. Visit create an issue page
  2. Choose the type of issue
    • Add new team member to repo
    • Bug report
    • Feature request
    • General issue
    • Retrospective
  3. Add a title and a description and click submit

The ticket will be added to the backlog column on the board

Working on an issue

All tickets should be kept in the backlog. Tickets in To-do column are added by a team member who is committing to working on this ticket in the current week. When working on a ticket, the ticket should be moved to the In-progress column on the board

How to add content

To create a page with content, can be done directly in github. The repo is has been setup for different sections

  • About
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Playbook (how to's)
  • Guide (resources)

To add a page with no section click Add file

To add a page under a section when creating a new file in the main repo

  1. Click on the directory of the section your page will live.
  2. Click Add file.

Learn how to use markdown to create stuctured content.

How to setup a local environment

  1. git clone
  2. cd accessibility
  3. bundle install
  4. bundle exec jekyll serve -> this will continue to run while in development.

Creating a pull request

  1. git checkout -b your-name/issue-number
  2. git add files
  3. git push origin your-name/issue-number

A member with permissions to approve the merge of the pull request will review and merge your work.