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Onboarding in an Accessibility Positive Workplace - DRAFT

Onboarding in an Accessibility Positive Workplace - DRAFT

To ensure that there is committment throughout the organization is accessibility, we need to ensure that team members are educated on accessibility, because this cannot be assumed. As a digital agency, our focus is on web accessibility. Making our content accessible is a key part of customer centred design. A basic understanding of accessibility issues is important for all staff because it allows our team to work more effectively together. 1/5 people have a disability, so there is a good chance that in an organization our size that not everyone percieves, operates or understands content the same way.


Ask new hires to watch 2 short videos from this list:

  • Deque (<3 minutes)
  • W3C WAI (<5 minutes)
  • W3C WAI Léonie Watson (39 minutes)

Have new staff take a simple quiz with multiple-choice questions like:

  • Why is accessibility important?
    • It is a legal requirement
    • It is the right thing to do
    • It could benefit me now or in the future
    • All of the above

Get new staff to install a web accessibility tool like WebAim's WAVE Toolbar extension/plugin

Basic Workshop (1hr)

5 - Introduction

10 - Why accessibility matters to our organization

10 - Atoms/bits and lived experience

10 - How we work, and impact on people with disability

10 - Digital accessibility & automated tools (catching the low-hanging fruit)

10 - Basic accessibility testing of sites with WAVE

5 - Questions

Role Specific Workshops

Each role in a company may need additional support in how they can best do their job. The UK's DWP Accessibility Manual does a great job in Guidance for your job role as does the USA's Accessibility for Teams. You may need additional training materials for roles like:

  • Business Analyst
  • Content Designer
  • Delivery Manager
  • Digital Performance Analyst
  • Interaction Designer
  • Product Manager
  • QA Tester
  • Software Engineer or Frontend Developer
    • Drupal Developer
    • Drupal Site Builder
    • Front-end Engineer (headless)
    • DevOps/CI Engineer
  • User Researcher

Additional Resources/Examples

Other inspiring videos

Supporting people with disabilities in virtual meetings