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We value agile approaches.

We are Agile

CivicActions Accessibility is an agile project. We use a project board to iteratively make progress on our goals, collaborate on issues, have open discussions, deliver a working site and respond to the changes that happen constantly in the world of accessibility.

Accessibility and Agile

We encourage accessibility in every part of agile processes. Examples, adding inclusive user archetypes to design sprints, adding accessibility tests to the definition of done, demonstrating how a product is accessible in sprint reviews, prioritizing accessibility goals in retrospectives, delivering accessible product increments, and much more.

Examples of places to encourage adoption of accessibility

  • Understanding accessibility needs in discovery.
    • Developing personas/archetypes that represent accessibility questions in design sprints.
  • Adding accessibility requirements to working agreement/definition of done.
  • Adding accessibility acceptance criteria to user stories.
    • Creating specific user stories for permanent, temporary, or situational disabilities.
  • Using accessibility testing tools:
    • Developing a feature locally.
    • Automated testing when pushing code to a branch or infrastructure.
    • Testing a feature in QA or production.
  • User accessibility testing after a feature/project delivery.
  • Doing manual testing.
  • Reviewing site-wide automated tests.
  • Reviewing with assistive technology (VoiceOver/NVDA).

Examples of our practices