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Holistic Enterprise Accessibility Review Technique (HEART)

Ensuring Government Digital Services Accessibility

Image with the 5 phases of the HEART process


Holistic Enterprise Accessibility Review Technique (HEART) is a proactive, interactive process to ensure government digital services are accessible to everyone.


  • .gov websites are not accessible
  • Lack of accessibility knowledge
  • Dated policies and practices
  • Automated approaches not adopted
  • No culture of accessibility


  • Embrace the 21st Century IDEA Act
  • Continuous accessibility learning
  • Develop better operational practices
  • Use modern automated tools
  • Persistent prioritization of accessibility



  • Conduct organization-wide accessibility and plain language scans
  • Conduct initial audit to identify accessibility barriers
  • Identify tools used and common frameworks used by the department
  • Provide raw data from the scans for further analysis
  • Aggregate findings on accessibility and observations of related issues


  • Interview digital teams to understand their process: designers; developers; and editors
  • Identify common experiences and challenges
  • Find additional resources as they are referenced
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses raised by the team



  • Examine organizational policy/procedures
  • Clarify responsibilities in existing policies
  • Compare with global best practices
  • Engage with stakeholders


  • Identify software used in accessibility
  • Monitor domain-wide accessibility
  • Consider implications of latest WCAG
  • Improve authoring tools with ATAG 2.0
  • Engage designers and developers


  • Aggregate findings into a comprehensive report
  • Highlight ways to promote accessibility throughout the organization


  • Highlight opportunities to: build confidence
  • Identify ways to: establish an evergreen method to remove accessibility barriers
  • Document practical ways to improve and stay ahead of tomorrow's problems

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