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Professional accessibility services offered by our team.

CivicActions is a digital agency with the goal to transform the way governments procure, develop, and deliver digital services. We've outlined our approach and learn about the broad range of services we offer at CivicActions our central website. CivicActions has deep experience with open source software and agile development - both lend themselves to great accessibility practices.

Our goals are audatious, but we have a talented team and aren't working in isolation. Because we are actively invovled in open communities, we are able to draw on and contribute to a vibrant, evolving ecosystem. This is necessary, if we are going to ensure that we are able to support our clients in building digital content that is more accessible today than it was yesterday.

Basic services

We do offer training, technical reviews and monitoring services. We have considerable experience with remediating sites built on open source technology like Drupal. Collectively our team has over 500 years of experience with the Drupal community. Our team has played a key role in seeing that this Content Management System (CMS) is a leader in accessibility.

We're involved in many other open source projects, and have have extensive experience leveraging open source communities to help our clients accomplish their needs. For any organization seeking to implement consistent, secure, user friendly and accessible experiences, open source provides unparralled flexibility. Very few organizations have our level of experience in maximizing usage of open source approaches to problem solving.

We can help your software development teams bring accessibility into every sprint so that accessibility solutions are cheaper and more robust. By building accessibility into our process we can ensure that there aren't compliance surprises at the end of the project.

Holistic approaches

We like to begin all of our accessibility work with an extensive discovery process that allows us to get a high-level perspective of the organization's accessibility maturity. This systems approach to accessibility includes user research and policy/practice evaluation so we can help your team identify the barriers in your site today, as well as to avoid the ones that otherwise would be introduced tomorrow.

Borrowing from the best practices of Service Design, we know that giving people the right incentives and examples, is as important as having good tools and templates. Our team has a unique methodology to bring our deep technical understanding to build organization-wide strategies to embrace accessibility. The technical challenges of accessibility will only be addressed when we have accessibility confident organizations.

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