CivicActions is working with the GSA to modernize the VPAT process to ensure that it is machine-readable. The goal of this process is to help make accessibility conformance monitoring easier and more meaningful for everyone. You can more about this project on the OPAT GitHub Project and we are actively encouraging people to submit suggestions on how it could be improved.

This project has several goals. We are working to build an Accessibility Conformance Report(ACR) that is:

  • Transparent - Easily comparable compliance reports.
  • Validatable - Confidence that reports meet minimum standards.
  • Aggregable - Enterprise-wide accessibility confidence.
  • Versioned - ACRs should follow digital best practices.

Modern ACRs need to be:

  • machine-readable
  • able to integrate with modern software development tools
  • aligned with modern software versioning
  • easily editable and comparable
  • centrally updated and publicly available

Our work with the GSA is helping set the foundation for this work.